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dabl Anticoagulant  >

Save time, streamline the INR process and enhance patient care and safety.

INR (international normalised ratio) results can be uploaded automatically or entered manually to immediately calculate the patient’s dose and next appointment. 

dabl Anticoagulant enables clinics, pharmacies and hospitals to dramatically improve efficiency in managing and treating patients on anticoagulation therapy.  

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Benefits of dabl Anticoagulant > 

The dabl Anticoagulant is simple to use and makes what is a very complex area easy to manage in primary care

Save time

Effectively manage the ever increasing workload of patients on anticoagulation treatment and achieve a significant improvement in patient management.

User friendly

dabl Anticoagulant will automatically upload patient information and blood results and present the information in a very user-friendly format for both patient and medical personnel. 

Improved patient care

More patients are treated locally, reducing significantly the costs for local and national health services as well as the number of journeys required for treatment. 

Improved patient compliance

Current and previous INRs, since the commencement of anticoagulant therapy, are displayed in an easy-to-understand format for the patient.

Shared Care for improved patient care

Easily link specialist and community care online, in real-time, for patients requiring specialist intervention, at a minimum cost to local and national health services. 


Implementation of such an expert system assists the safety requirements of the medical profession and minimises medical errors.  A full audit report is available.

Features of dabl Anticoagulant >

Automatic uploading of INRs

dabl Anticoagulant automatically uploads patient information and blood results from INR devices and hospital laboratory systems and presents the information in a very user-friendly format for both patient and medical personnel.

Time saving features

Timesaving features such as one click dosing and automatic appointment scheduling are incorporated for the busy clinic.

Demographics and quick search facility

dabl Anticoagulant provides the demographic details of each patient. This is combined with a very quick method of locating a patient on the system.

INR plot

A user-friendly plot reveals at a glance how stable or unstable your anticoagulant patient may be at any time. The entire INR record of the patient is summarised for a quick review of progress.

Easily record events

Important events such as bleeding, bruising or binge drinking can be easily recorded.

Choice of algorithms

Ability to choose from a selection of algorithms to determine the parameters for dosing and patient recall periods. All algorithms are based on published evidence.

Warning features

If INR result shows an abnormal reading, the system will alert the user.  When the INR is dangerously high, the system will immediately give notice of this occurrence.

Letter generating facility

An automatic letter is generated containing the dose of anticoagulant recommended, based on the latest test, and the date of the next appointment.

dabl Shared Care (optional)

dabl Shared allows for the secure sharing of patient data between dabl users within a defined group. 

dabl Anticoagulant Process: 3 easy steps >

The dabl Anticoagulant system is very simple to use. 

Step 1

INR results are uploaded automatically from a device, laboratory system or entered manually. 

Step 2

Dose and next appointment is automatically calculated.

Step 3

A patient letter with all the necessary information, including next appointment date, is generated. 


dabl Anticoagulant online requirements - Low Cost, Secure and Convenient >

Only requirements

Broadband and Internet Explorer browser.

High level of security

All data encrypted and backed up.  

Minimal cost

No software installed locally, no local server required, automatic updates to the system.

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