June 2009: dabl continues to grow internationally >

As part of our ongoing Research & Development and innovation in the area of chronic disease mangement, dabl is currently enjoying success in various markets with it's most recently developed system, the dabl ABPM Pharmacy service, specifically developed to enable pharmacies to provide the 24-hour ABPM (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement) investigation. This innovative service is generating a lot of interest among several pharmacy chains and pharmacy distributors in Ireland, Canada and Italy.

As pharmacies worldwide are taking a more proactive role in collaborating with other health services to optimise the care of chronic diseases for their clients, we at dabl have responded to this need. The dabl ABPM Pharmacy system gives pharmacies an important evidenced based tool to help them to accurately identify those who have hypertension and require treatment, and monitor the efficacy of anti-hypertensive medication to ensure that those on medication are better controlled.

The response to the service has been very positive, particularly in Italy. Although the service was only launched a few months ago, the number of pharmacies signing up is growing on a weekly basis. At the moment, customers include pharmacies from Alliance Healthcare Farmacie Comunali, AFAM Farmacie and Farmacie 360º. A trial will soon begin with a pharmacy group known as Farmagruppo, as well as other independent pharmacies which are managed by one of the biggest distributors in Italy: UNICO SPA. An educational programme for pharmacists will be conducted by a leading hypertension specialist as part of a training programme by this group.

The dabl ABPM Pharmacy system is much more efficient and advanced compared to the ABPM services already existing in the Italian pharmacy market. Previously, a pharmacy has had to use telemedicine to implement an ABPM service, with the readings being sent to a third party to be interpreted and to generate a report, which is then sent back to the pharmacy and given to the customer after a few days. With the dabl ABPM Pharmacy system the pharmacist can upload the readings and generate an interpreted ABPM report in real-time and give the customer a copy which they can bring to their own GP. This is a much more efficient and cost-effective system compared to telemedicine.

Our Canadian distributor, Cardiotronics Inc. has recently signed-up the largest private laboratory in Québec who will use the dabl ABPM Health Screening service which has been translated into Canadian French. The dabl service provides this centre with a more efficient and rapid way of conducting their ABPMs with the automatic interpretation and standardised reporting. Cardiotronics are also targeting pharmacies in Québec.

Plans are also afoot to introduce the dabl Anticoagulant system to the pharmacy sector for the management of patients on warfain. For further information please contact sales@dabl.eu