dabl AC now integrates with Roche Coagucheck XS Plus >

Included as part of an annual upgrade of the dabl Anticoagulant system, integration is now available between this system, and the Roche Coagucheck XS Plus device. The dabl Anticoagulant system automatically calculates a patient's dose and next appointment based on their INR reading and is continuously developed in line research and development in this area.

The Roche Coagucheck - dabl Anticoagulant integration was unveiled at a GP Anticoagulant event in the West of Ireland hosted by Roche where, one of our users Rose Bourke, the Practice Nurse in College Medical Centre, Longford gave a presentation on the effective management of patients on warfarin treatment using the dabl Anticoagulant system and the Roche Coagucheck XS Plus device, which has now been in use in this practice for approximately 18 months.

The dabl Anticoagulant system benefits include:

  • The ability to establish at a glance how stable or unstable a patient is at any particular time.
  • A flexible diary/appointment system.
  • A graphic display, plot and histogram highlighting current and previous INRs since the commencement of anticoagulant therapy.
  • Ability to extend appointments out to 12 weeks (when stable). Huge time saving implications for GP's as many patients fall into this category.
  • The dabl Anticoagulant/Roche link allows for the full procedure on-site, in minutes - huge time and cost saving implications.
  • Greatly improved patient compliance.
  • This cost-effective online system is automatically backed-up on a daily basis.
  • Eradicate the problems of patients turning up without a warfarin book, inadequate treatment records, and little information on the dangers of the therapy with the automatic personalised patient letter and accompanying do's and don'ts.

How does it work? It's simple...

Roche Coagucheck

"dabl Anticoagulant is a comprehensive online patient management system which automatically calculates dosage and next appointment taking just minutes per INR per patient at primary care level. This facilitates substantial revenue and time saving advantages for the practice by optimal use of resources..."

Rose Bourke, Practice Nurse, College Medical Centre, Longford

Should you wish to find out further information on this evidenced-based, effective anticoagulant system that will ultimately save you time and resources and help effectively manage the ever-increasing workload of patients on warfarin, please email sales@dabl.eu or contact us on +353-1-2780247. Alternatively you can click here to view brochure.