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dabl Ltd experiences continued success in Italy

November 2009:

Since the launch of the dabl ABPM Pharmacy service in the Italian market, the number of pharmacies recognising the efficiency and superiority of the dabl system for the provision of a 24 hour blood pressure measurement service has increased substantially.

There are now a significant number of pharmacies in Italy offering this very important investigation using the dabl service. Our main customers and partners include AFAM Farmacie Firenze, Alliance Farmacie Comunali Scandicci, Farmacie 360 Roma, Alphega and Unico SPA, which combined, have a total of 6000 outlets.

The fast growth in this market has proven that our strategy of continuously developing evidenced based systems and bringing new research and best practice to users is successful. The spread of the dabl ABPM Pharmacy service is benefitting the pharmacy community and makes the implementation of 24 hour blood pressure measurement easy, fast and efficient. dabl enables the pharmacy sector to provide a range of chronic disease management services to the highest standard possible.

Owing to this service, and the collaboration between pharmacies and local healthcare providers in Italy, it will be possible to achieve a greater control and a better management of blood pressure among patients, in line with the most up-to-date international guidelines.

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