dabl Ltd chosen by multinational Spacelabs Healthcare (UK & Italy) as key partner

01 September 2009:

dabl Ltd, the global leader in the development and supply of cardiovascular disease management systems, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Spacelabs Healthcare (UK & Italy), a leading international medical equipment and services company. Spacelabs will now promote and offer for sale, the dabl ABPM 24 hour blood pressure software along with their ambulatory blood pressure monitors to GPs and pharmacies making this life-saving method of blood pressure measurement readily available to all.

Uncontrolled blood pressure is one of the highest risk factors (approx. 40%) for strokes, heart attacks, cognitive impairment and a range of other cardiovascular conditions. Medical research now shows that relying solely on a one-off blood pressure test is outdated and can be highly inaccurate. Current hypertension guidelines specify that the most accurate measurement for blood pressure is over a 24-hour period, commonly called ABPM (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring).

A leading international expert and a strong supporter of 24-hour blood pressure monitoring believes that “every patient suspected of having hypertension should have a 24-hour blood pressure measurement to confirm or refute the diagnosis, and every patient with uncontrolled hypertension should have an ABPM repeated as necessary until 24-hour control of blood pressure is achieved”. This would substantially reduce the incidence of stroke and heart attack worldwide.

The dabl ABPM software automatically interprets the data making this important investigation accessible to general practice and pharmacy and improving the overall standard of reporting. The system is used in over 1,000 clinics and pharmacies worldwide and is considered the gold standard in 24-hour ABPM by the medical experts.

Bill Rickard, Managing Director of dabl Ltd, commented that "As part of our global strategy to develop key channel partners we are very pleased with our agreement with Spacelabs Healthcare (UK and Italy), who are also market leaders in their own area of expertise."

According to Ian Harper, UK Managing Director of Spacelabs Healthcare, “Spacelabs has long been considered the ‘gold standard’ equipment provider for ABPM equipment within the Acute / Hospital markets. This new partnership with dabl Ltd will ensure that primary healthcare practitioners and local pharmacies are also able to provide fast, reliable and interpreted ABPM reports to dramatically help improve patient care and management”.

The combined 24-hour blood pressure monitoring solution from dabl and Spacelabs Healthcare UK and Italy maximizes the excellence of both companies for the benefit of local healthcare providers and their patients, and provides a real solution to address the potential errors and inaccuracies that can be associated with traditional blood pressure measurement, thus allowing for improved blood pressure control that will prevent stroke and heart attack.

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